Elevator Modernization Program Moves Ahead

May 16, 2018 09:15 AM

CHICAGO (May 15, 2018) – The Chicago Housing Authority announced today that it has identified the first properties that will undergo a complete overhaul of their elevator systems under the Authority’s comprehensive Elevator Modernization Program.

CHA staff provided an update on the program to CHA’s Board of Commissioners that included details on the progress of the assessment and design phase of the program for the first set of 10 priority buildings that will pave the way for the elevator system overhaul work to begin later this year.

Under the program, all 150 elevators in 86 CHA properties will undergo a complete modernization. It is the largest such undertaking in more than 20 years and involves all of CHA’s mid-rise and high-rise properties where elevators serve thousands of CHA residents, visitors and employees daily.

“We are just like all other responsible owners of high and mid-rise properties throughout the city,” said CHA CEO Eugene E. Jones, Jr. “Our properties are aging, and while our systems are safe and sound and have served us well for the past 50 years, it’s time to employ the new technologies and materials of today so that we can ensure the continued safety and well-being of our residents.”

“These elevators are used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and serve thousands of residents, visitors and employees each day,” said Matt Mosher, Deputy Chief of Capital Construction. “With a focus on improving the safety, quality-of-life and well-being of its residents, CHA will be able to utilize the newest technology and readily available modern parts that will help reduce maintenance costs and deliver greater efficiency. I know that both building residents and those who service and keep the elevators running will welcome the investment.”

The first phase of the Elevator Modernization Program, which began in January of this year, involved the assessment of elevators to determine which buildings will have work performed first. This first group of 10 buildings was selected because of the age and/or diminishing condition of the elevators and consists of senior apartment buildings across the city.

Like other long-deferred capital investments, the decision to embark on a major elevator modernization program came after current CHA leadership recognized that it was time to execute a comprehensive initiative that will not only improve performance but also cut costs on future repairs.

The Phase I assessment work for the first group of 10 buildings will be completed in the Fall of 2018, with the full modernization work scheduled to begin at the end the year. The Phase I assessment work and Phase II modernization work for the balance of the CHA properties served by elevators will continue in full swing thereafter.

While this is the first comprehensive elevator modernization initiative to be undertaken by the CHA, in 2000 the CHA implemented an elevator improvement program that provided general repairs to the machinery and equipment, as well as cosmetic improvements to the elevator cabs. At that time the Elevator Services Division of the CHA was eliminated, and monthly maintenance contracts were established with several elevator maintenance and repair companies that have provided maintenance and inspection services since then.