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The Affordable Care Act is still here! If you enroll in a health insurance plan for 2018, you WILL have health insurance in 2018. While those eligible for Medicaid may enroll at any time, those who need to purchase insurance through the “Marketplace” and be considered for a subsidy can only do so between November 1 and December, 15, 2017.  Get Covered Illinois is the best resource to find answers to your questions or get help with enrollment.

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The Medicare open enrollment period is October 15 – December 7, 2017.  During this time you can make changes in your Medicare plan or provider.  For questions contact the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services or the Illinois Senior Health Insurance Program.


Partnership Application & Screening PROTocol

Partnership Application
Any health-related organization requesting to meet with residents in a common area of a CHA building must complete a partnership application for CHA review/approval.  The protocol and the application are accessible via CHA’s web site ( or by contacting CHA Senior Services (312-913-7164).  Property Managers, Resident Service Coordinators along with CHA Resident Services and Property Office staff will be notified of the protocol.

All partnership applications will be reviewed by a committee for approval/denial for partnership. The committee will be coordinated by Resident Services, with membership from Asset Management and a representative of the Senior Housing Advisory Council (SHAC).

Applications must be completed using the fillable PDF function and then printed and signed; hand-written applications will not be reviewed and will be returned. 

**CHA reserves the right to approve or decline applications based on current needs

Partnership Approval
A letter will be issued within 45 days of receipt of the application, approving the partnership application and outlining expectations of services to be provided.  The letter will include a section on acceptable/unacceptable activities.

A list of approved partners will be maintained by Resident Services and distributed to SHAC and Resident Service Coordinators and published on CHA’s website with regular updates.

Scheduling of approved organizations will be based on resident interest, availability of space and time and property staff capacity to promote and host the event. Properties/RSCs will keep Resident Services informed of scheduled presentations and alert them to any issues that may arise.

Approved Partnerships are valid for up to 2 years. Upon expiration, any updates to the application must be submitted and reviewed for renewal.

Partnership Denial
A letter will be issued within 45 days of receipt of the application, denying the partnership application and outlining the reasons for denial.

Denied partnership applicants may request a second review within 45 days of the date of CHA’s denial letter. The request for a second review should be made in writing. The letter should include a response to the reasons for denial and sent to:

Chicago Housing Authority
Resident Services
60 E Van Buren, 10th floor
Chicago, IL 60605
ATT: Senior Services

Second Review
Within 60 days of receipt of a written request, CHA will conduct a second review.  In addition to reconsideration by the Committee, CHA’s review may include an additional background check.   A final recommendation will be reviewed for concurrence by CHA’s Chief Resident Services Officer, and Chief Property Officer.

Following the second review, a final letter will be issued approving or denying the partnership application. No further appeals will be accepted. No new applications will be accepted for one (1) year from the date of final decision.

Health Partnership Guidelines

Acceptable  - Examples

Not acceptable - Examples

Who is eligible?

Health-related organizations, including direct service providers and insurers. 

Does not apply to for-profit insurers or businesses other than those that are health-related. 

What services can be provided?

Each partner’s presentation is to be a part of one of the building’s health-related events.  General information and non-invasive screenings such as blood pressure screening or pharmaceutical consultation.

Invasive screenings (e.g.; involving puncture of skin or collection of bodily fluids); enrollment, sales or solicitation of any type.

Can gifts or incentives be offered?

Sponsored resident activities (e.g.; lunch; bingo or raffle prizes)   Give-aways with logo. Guideline: $25/participant per event.

Staff who work for, or whose organization is funded by, CHA, may not benefit from or accept any gifts or incentives.  Resident incentives for referring or enrolling others are not permitted.

If approved, when will my organization be scheduled?

Once approved, actual scheduling of a specific topic/event in a CHA building will be determined between the building’s Resident Service Coordinator or Property Manager based on resident interest, availability of space and time and property staff capacity to promote and host an event. 

The partner may not come in for a one time or regularly scheduled table availability.  In order to provide additional services not proposed/approved in the application, partners must contact CHA Resident Services for additional approval. Any partner providing services that are not acceptable will be removed immediately from the approved partner list.


HEALTH Partnership Application

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Approved CHA health partners and activities as of (January 5, 2018)

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